NewNew FAQs
NewNew FAQs

NewNew FAQs

Every question has an answer. 😉

🤳 Users

What’s NewNew?

NewNew is an interactive marketplace where you bid and vote on the outcomes of people’s lives.

How do Bids work?

With Bids, you send a creator a bid with what you want them to do, how much you’re willing to spend, and then you watch them do the bid.

You can come up with your own unique bid idea, or, you can back someone else’s idea to make sure it gets chosen!

Do I pay if the creator doesn’t choose my bid?

No. You only pay if the creator chooses to do your bid and uploads a video of themselves doing it. When you place a bid, a temporary hold may be placed on your card if the bid you placed is worth $20 or more, but the hold always gets removed if your bid wasn’t chosen.

What’s a Superpoll?

It’s a paid poll where you watch the creator do the option that gets the most amount of votes when the timer ends.

You can pay to vote on the options presented by the creator.

The creator has to post a video doing the winning option, or they’ll be banned from the platform.

Do I pay if the creator doesn’t choose the option I voted on?

No. A temporary hold may be placed on your card if your purchase was $20 or more, but it gets released if the creator doesn’t choose the option you voted on.

How can I be a creator?

Just sign up then tap the “Create now” button in the top navigation. It takes less than a minute to become a creator and you’ll be ready to go right away!

📌 General

Can I report a creator?

Definitely. Go to the creator’s profile, click the “More” icon (the three vertical dots) and then choose “Report”. You’ll be able to let us know a few details and our team will look into it right away.

🗂 Creators

How do I make money on NewNew?

On NewNew, people pay to vote and bid on your life decisions, and in return, you show them the outcome of that decision. The experience between you and the audience is built on trust, and the most successful creators bring a healthy dose of creativity and consistency to the content they create. On NewNew, everyone is rewarded and entertained.

How do I get paid?

Getting paid on NewNew is easy. You’ll be able to keep track of how much money you earned in your dashboard. Creators will get paid 14 days after receiving funds.

How do Bids work?

Bids are a way to have the audience send you different bids on what you should do. People will send various bids with their ideas, and how much they’ll pay to see you do it. When the time’s up, you’ll choose your favorite bid and upload a video of yourself doing it! Don’t worry…you don’t have to choose the highest bid (although you can if you want to!). You can choose any bid you feel comfortable with doing.

How do Superpolls work?

With Superpolls, you post a video poll with a few options for the audience to choose from. People pay to vote on their favorite option and when time’s up, you upload a video response of yourself doing the option that got the most votes!

What happens if my Superpoll has a tie?

If your Superpoll has a tie once the timer ends, the option that got the most amount of votes first will be the winning option.

Can I block or report a user?

You can block or report a user by going to their profile, clicking the “More” button (the three vertical dots) and tapping “Report” or “Block”.

You can also report or block a user directly in your DM with them.

Which decision type is best for me to post?

If you’re more outgoing and a bit of a risk-taker, Bids are definitely for you.

If you like having more control over situations and don’t like too many surprises, Superpolls are fitting.

How do I get people to participate in my decisions?

Share your decision! You can post links to your decisions on other platforms and you can also keep your custom URL visible on other platforms so people can also see what you’re up to. If your decision gets enough people participating, it will even get featured on NewNew’s homepage for all to see!

How long do I have to post my response video once my decision has ended?

We’ll notify you via email with the exact amount of time you have to post it once it ends. A general rule of thumb is to post your response within 48 hours of the decision ending. To keep things fair for the audience, if you don’t post your response within the time period provided in your email, the decision will be canceled, everyone will be refunded and you won’t be able to earn any money from the decision.

How long can my videos be?

Your original videos and response videos can be up to 10 minutes long.

How do I become a “Popular” creator?

There’s no magic formula, but it tends to favor creators who:

  1. Post interesting, fun, and unusual decisions (not boring, mundane ones)
  2. Share their custom link across their socials to bring in their audience
  3. Follow through on their decisions with well thought out and engaging response videos
Can I post nudes or X-rated content?

Hard no. Nude, adult, X-rated and pornographic content is not allowed on NewNew.

Check our Community Guidelines for what is and isn’t permitted.

Is there a minimum amount I need to earn before being able to cash out?

Yes. Please refer to this link to see the minimum payout amount for your country.

Can I bid or vote on my own decisions?

No. To keep things fair to the community on NewNew, only the audience can bid or vote on the decisions you post.

How much of my earnings do I get to keep?

NewNew takes 10% + payment fees and creators keep the rest.

What kinds of decisions should I post?

Ones that will get people talking! From big life moments and once in a lifetime occasions, to everyday things in your general life, informative/advice, upcoming plans and so much more.

How should I respond to my decision?

Follow through on your decisions with well-thought-out and engaging response videos. Remember to not just tell your audience about the outcome of your decision, but show them!

If you have any further questions please contact NewNew at